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Southern Missouri Bluegrass band check this
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This year 2011 has been one of the greatest years in the history of our group and  we will  perform with many wonderful show dates and concerts including our many live  appearances
We wish to thank all of you our fans around the world who have supported our
efforts and helped to bring us to where we are today.  It has been a pleasure to
do the performances for your entertainment. One of the things we would  like to
ask of you our fans, is to help spread the word about our group and all the things
we have availabe for your enjoyment.
We wish to thank all who have watched our live shows and let us know you have
enjoyed them.
We wish to thank all who have bought our music over the years.
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Oct 1   Recording studio, working on new CD project
Oct 8,  Davidsonville State Park, Pocahontas, Arkansas,  5 PM
Oct 15 Fall festival, Houston, MO     TBA
Check out our full schedule
Be sure to check our our new bookings we have already obtained for 2011
check out our schedule  

We are putting together a new program, new to our music portfolio, Bluegrass Music In Schools Program. We will be doing the program for educational purposes and we will be going into the schools of Missouri in fall of, 2009
If your school would like to have us to come into your school system and share
our program with you, please contact us about this valuable education for your
students by contacting  email or 417-293-3367
We wish to thank  all the promoters who have given us the opportunity to be a part of their
festival and concert lineup for 2011 and we look forward to seeing you all again at the
different events in 2012  Watch our schedule
Colonel Eric Lewis, will be going into the studio to record his new CD project, My Mountain Home, it will be a project a tribute to the legends as Bill Monroe, Jim and Jesse, Jimmy Martin, Doyle Lawson, Stanley Brothers and others who have contributed many years of their lives to preserve this music. The project will be available in Fall of 2011.